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Short Life of an Elasticsearch Pull Request

How to open an issue to make an Elasticsearch doc change, craft the change to your local copy, push it to your GitHub fork, create a pull request, and merge it to the Elasticsearch project. Prerequisites: A GitHub account and local repos. See instructions at doc guild: (https://wiki.elastic.co/display/DOC/How+we+doc) and the …

When git commit —amend Goes Wrong

Use Git Push -Force Carefully I was trying to push a change to a commit that had not been made into a pull request yet. My commit message didn’t propagate to the pull request. (My sleepy brain forgot that commits on top of unpulled commits don’t propagate to the title …

Lion Rock

When Ana takes a walk through a remote park in California, she is looking for something she can’t put a name to. What she finds will challenge her to look within for answers. Words: 6500 Unpublished

Stories Written

Novels Completed: Four Novels in Progress: Four Novels on the Back Burner: A dozen, maybe? Other projects include two novellas, a half dozen short stories, poetry, and two comic book scripts.

St. Nichole and the Elf

Nichole is overworked, underpaid, and severely dispirited on Christmas Eve, but she’s determined to make the most of it by attending a holiday party dressed to thrill. Her plans go awry when a man knocks at her door, claiming that she’s the latest incarnation of the Giving Spirit. She’s pretty …


Breathless is the post-apocalyptic tale of a woman, a mechanical egg, and how the fear of losing hope can prevent a person taking necessary risks. “She sometimes imagined that she could hear the corpuscles knock on the valves, polite as old nuns, before sweeping in with their sacred bath of …

HA Proxy 1.4 : From the Ground Up

HAProxy, written in C by Willy Tarreau, is open source software for TCP and HTTP load balancing. It’s known for stability, efficiency and speed; chances are that this reputation is why you are installing it.

Load balancing, though, is a term that covers a broad range of functions, from basic TCP tunneling at Layer 4 to reverse proxy at Layer 7, and you may find more functionality in HAProxy than you expected—or, more than you bargained for.

Discipline for Spring Writing

A guest post written for Women’s Memoirs, companion to An Editor’s Perspective: Prompts for Winter on Story Circle Network. Photos are mine. Discipline for Spring Writing DISCIPLINE FOR SPRING WRITING Mary K. Swanson Ripening mulberries It’s spring in your mind, and you don’t have enough time to record, much less …

An Editor’s Perspective: Prompts for Winter

A guest post for StoryCircle Network, a companion to Discipline for Spring Writing on Women’s Memoir. Pictures are courtesy of David Raistrick. An Editor’s Perspective: Prompts for Winter A Winter in Writing Mulberry in winter A writing winter can come at any time. If you’re a tenacious person, you stare at a …

The Ravine Writing Contest 2014

For Read (Think) Books, I designed the cover, interior and wrote the narrative for the booklet featuring contest winners. Ravine2014.print The Ravine 2014 Post at Read (Think) Books

The Ravine Contest 2013

For Read (Think) Books, I designed the cover, interior and wrote the narrative for the booklet featuring contest winners. Ravine2013 Ravine 2013 at RTB

Duke Barkin in Hot Houndette

Basset Hound Duke Barkin is a transporter for The Man. In Hot Houndette, Duke picks up a suspiciously lively package that turns out to be the beautiful and slippery Mai Daisi, on the run from Big Bad Bob’s Gator Show and Puppy Park. The full script is on Scribd: The …

Blue Loco: Goodbye to the Spy

A comic book treatment of a novel I wrote a few years earlier. Description: In her first mission as a Districts Agent, Senya is sent to Exile 14 to discover how Dr. Hord Rendihl, medical guru and traitor to the Districts, escaped from the prison planet. The information provided was …

Dreamwork Flyer

I created this flyer to orient new members to dream groups. It provides an outline of the group’s purpose, an orientation to group expectations, a list of resources, and the meeting structure in a newsletter format. Dreamwork2010

Wekiva Riverfest Flyers

Brochures, flyers and posters created for Wekiva Riverfest.