Writing Dreamer

Works in Progress

I write science fiction and mystery with a lighter mood and a romantic subplot. I like to blend genres and have fun.


With an education in journalism and a career in tech writing, I write short, so my science fiction and fantasy run short by modern standards. Word that will never be applied to my stories: epic.

Manners & Antimatter: A London Bridge Device Romance

The first book in a series in which a time traveller arrives in Regency London using the Bridge Device and struggles to fit in among the natives until he or she can return to his or her own time. In Manners & Antimatter, a young woman raised in England meets the latest stranded traveler, a man who treats her both rudely, and like an equal. To her delight, she learns that he’s traveled to London via a failure-prone time travel device. She’s ready to leave 1833 London, forever, but she’ll need to convince this high-handed geek-adventurer that she belongs in the future.

Science Fictional Regency Romance. 38,000 words. First draft.

Playtime Theater Mystery

A mystery in four plays. Diana gets fired from her first job out of college and goes to her parents’ new home in central Florida. Her parents volunteer her to put on a season of four plays, promising to pay her a stipend. The plays are the result of a grant which must be returned if all four plays are not put on according to a strict agreement. The theater is a defunct playhouse from the 1920s which she must renovate while engaging the cast and crew for each play. Complicating her job, the actress who awarded the grant has been murdered, and Di becomes aware, very slowly, that the murderer is still in the playhouse, sabotaging the plays, and threatening her life.

Cozy Mystery. 69,500 words. Final editing.

Bone Magic Series

Three books. A young man is on the run from a bane mage who wants to steal his mutated bone magic. Making friends and enemies along the way, he learns his magic is not a dangerous mutation, but enhances the other four. He has to learn to control and appreciate his own magic before he can stop the bane who killed his father from suppressing magic in the world.

Science Fiction. 131,000 words. Two books in final editing, one book in first draft.


When Joe is murdered, as his Ephemeral Body, JD is arrested for the crime. With no more rights than a pet, JD is scheduled to be destroyed. He escapes into the wetlands of Florida, where he will have to find allies and investigate who murdered Joe––and why.

Speculative Fiction. 55,000 words. Final draft.

Story Orphan

In Story Orphan, every child learns that they are fated to leave the life they were born to and join their Story. A girl slowly comes to the realization that she and her friends must fight to free themselves from Story without destroying the world they love.

Science Fiction. 29,000 words. First draft.

Dream Psychic Series

In the 67,100 word Florida-based mystery “Naked in Public,” a therapist discovers that she can echo other people’s dreams, and uses it to save her client from a killer. On the way, she alienates friends and attracts a killer, gets dropped by her practice but picked up by her clients, scares away a chilly old boyfriend, and entices a hot new one. Most of all, she discovers that her friends, her dreams, and her own past have more to reveal than she ever imagined.

Cozy Mystery Series. 87,500 words. Book one complete, book two, first draft.


A novella has one major plot arc and little in the way of subplots. This tends to keep the story under novel length.

Ap Jones, Goddess: Retired

Exiled from heaven, Aphrodite is glad to pretend she’s human rather than use her powers. So when she loses her memory, nothing much changes–until she realizes that her old boyfriend Ares has killed one man and is very interested in doing to same to her and the interesting man who showed up the day she lost her memory.

Fantasy. 18,500 words. Draft. (This book is not taking itself at all seriously. Seriously.)

Short Stories

A short story has a limited plot arc. Sometimes, it also has a gotcha ending, which I try to avoid. I treat my short stories as tiny novels.

Past Perfect

When Lucza meets her late mother’s old flame, she’s unnerved to realize he’s just the type of man she’d like to settle down with.

Speculative Fiction. 6100 words. Final.

Lion Rock

When Ana takes a walk through a remote park in California, she is looking for something she can’t name. What she finds challenges her to look within.

Ghost Story. 6400 words. Final.


Breathless is the post-apocalyptic tale of a woman, a mechanical egg, and how the fear of losing hope can prevent you taking necessary risks.

Speculative Fiction. 4800 words. Final currently, but I may write more.

Nichole and the Elf

Nichole is overworked, underpaid, and severely dispirited on Christmas Eve, but she’s determined to make the most of it by attending a holiday party dressed to thrill. Her plans go awry when a man knocks at her door, claiming that she’s the latest incarnation of the Giving Spirit. She’s pretty sure he’s crazy.

Holiday Fantasy Romance. 4900 words. Final.

Flash Fiction

These stories are under 2000 words. In that number of words, there’s time only for a few scenes that suggest a complete world beyond the field of view provided by the story.

  • Fortune Favors the Bullet: Science Fiction
  • Balaclava Barbie: Fiction
  • Too Much Fun: Science Fiction
  • Clothes Make the Man: Fantasy
  • Flyrail: Fiction
  • Seville Noir: Fiction
  • Give Me an Hour: Fiction
  • Lights on or Off: Fiction
  • Are You There: Speculative Fiction

Comic Books (& Graphic Novels)

What’s the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel? The key difference seems to be that comic books are episodic, wrapping up each story within a few dozen pages, and graphic novels are ‘real’ novels, told in one or two extra-long comic-style books. To the aficionado, the graphic novel is serious, the comic book is light entertainment. My stories probably tend toward comic books, even when they are using an underlying novel-length story.

Duke Barkin in Hot Houndette

Basset Hound Duke Barkin is a transporter for The Man. In Hot Houndette, Duke picks up a suspiciously lively package that turns out to be the beautiful and slippery Mai Daisi, on the run from Big Bad Bob’s Gator Show and Puppy Park.

Goodbye to the Spy

A comic book treatment of my novel Blue Loco.

In her first mission as a Districts Agent, Senya is sent to Exile 14 to discover how Dr. Hord Rendihl, medical guru and traitor to the Districts, escaped from the prison planet. The information provided was scant and suspect, and her new commanding officer despises her as a genetically modified freak. Was this a chance to prove herself? Or did Stabilization have something else in mind?