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When I said last night that Zini was about to get into a whole lot of trouble, David responded with, “She’s got to get into trouble sometimes, how else could she keep her storybook figure?” (said while tracing the shape of a book in the air)

Har, har, network engineer. You are indeed a master of wit!

Happier than a white cat in dirt!

But I, on the other hand, am a person with over 50,000 words of a novel written!

As to the trouble.

Let’s just say, Zini will no doubt need a new car, might need a new cop friend and a new client, but most of all, may need a reincarnation if things don’t start turning around, sometime within the (think, think, think) next five to seven thousand words.


  1. Oh, just let her get all the way to the low point !! That'll be exciting and as Anna says, hers and your first Chakra will kick in and the ideas will come flying out like the wicked witch's monkeys !

    Rock on MK !

  2. Thank you, thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. This book has been such a struggle. I probably would have chucked it without you guys nudging me.

    It's all Zini, all the time around here. Conversations go like this:
    David: What do you want to watch?
    MK: I dunno. The plot on that last show was terrible. It didn't have enough of a low point. Now, when I am writing Zini…
    David: (Groan!)

    He's looking forward to the next book and me dithering for the first five chapters. That's when I actually do housework and earn money.

  3. Here's the cool thing! My word veri is "heatinb."

    I came home from workshop to sheer freakin' craziness in the NEXT LEVEL arena–and would love nothing better than to turn back time to walking with you and Zini and Anna and Susie-B . . .

    Is it hot in here or is it just (j)me?

  4. Sorry about the craziness. Hope it has resolved in a wonderful direction!
    Here's some encouragement on our Tuesday topic:
    I have been thinking I need to make more money, and worried I'd have to get a real job. At the chiro's, I said, "I don't want to work in an office anymore–I'm just putting that out to the universe," and Dr. Levine answered, "Isn't it amazing how letting the universe know what you want helps it come true?" On the way home, I get an email from a client saying they need more work done.
    My word is inflogic. Influence+Logic? Reminds me of quantum entanglement, which is pretty darn spooky.

  5. I'm a little late in joining in here but I have total confidence that you will get Zini into trouble and that she will find her way out.

    It's reassuring that even Dr. Levine is hip to the workings of the Universe. Here's what I'm putting out to the Universe. I want my house painted and my carpet replaced with wood/bamboo.

  6. Thanks! She was just rescued from drowning after almost being shot after being nabbed by the killer and crawling over broken glass. It's a hard life!

    I have no doubt your house will be covered in shiny new coverings very soon.

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