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The Ice Queen Cometh

The Ice Queen Cometh

What was it like to be a sexy girl in the olden days, Auntie Dreamer?

Let me tell you, Sweet Pea, it weren’t no bed of roses!

A young woman contacted me through LinkedIn, and when I followed her internet trail to answer the question, ‘Why did she contact ME?’ I discovered that she is a feminist and a self-professed ‘slut.’ Also a journalist and a University of Florida law school hopeful.

As I read her posts on a website called, ‘Slutty Girl Problems,’ I thought critically about how she should be careful of posting intimate life details, rethink using sexual language in her email address, walk back her revealing self-portraits: after all, she was going to law school, she wanted to run for office, and for goodness sake, she would have to get a JOB, and, boy, would those things get in the way.

But I noticed an emotion was tap-a-tapping my brain in a way that did not feel healthy.

Ah. Envy.

I was brought up in a time when sex was for marriage, for bad girls, forever; when girls had sex, they got ostracized, they got pregnant, they got herpes, they got raped by eight frat guys, they got AIDS, they got cut up by a serial killer.

Good times.

These things do happen, of course, but as a grown up being I am conscious that they happen to good and bad girls alike. Even though I argued for feminist ideals and fought those who blamed the victim, I still loved under the rubric: bad things happen to girls who bare ass.

I’m thrilled that the world (at least, some of it) is changing. Thank goddess, thank science, thank the new century. But, I confess:

I am a little envious.

If you’d like to read some considerably more up-to-date news about feminism and the sex revolution, you can see my inspiration at her author page: Fornicating Feminist at Slutty Girl Problems.