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Story Circle Posts

Story Circle Posts

I am guest-blogging for Story Circle. Each blog is posted as one of a pair, and my posts are Prompts for Winter and Discipline for Spring.

My over-squeezed metaphorical mulberries

Jamie, you get a mention in “teachers and writers who have influenced me,” which is at the bottom of Prompts for Winter.

Initially, the “Winter” post contained a little TOO much of an homage to Jamie and Joyce’s wonderful Scene and Structure writing intensive. The plot section would have been better with their fabulous nine-point plot outline, but as I couldn’t give them a proper attribution as a guest-blogger, I took it out.

My current novel (which I have somewhat wildly said I would finish by the end of March) is, however, greatly benefiting from the plot outlining.


  1. Great posts, MK. And incredibly impressive bio. Jeez. If we'd known who you were, we would have at least, like, bowed or something when you came in the room!

    And thanks for the nod–that, and a wink–as you know, are the same thing, to a blind horse.

    Love you.

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