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Prompt: Curses

Prompt: Curses

A big mouth with a pulpit says that Haiti was cursed because they made a pact with the devil. In fact, they prayed to their deity, who was most certainly not the devil, and they did achieve liberation with blood and courage.

A curse is a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by a supernatural power. A curse needs a human agent. Who was it, then: The French? The Americans? The big mouth’s predecessors?

Who cursed Haiti?

And now, the prompt:

In your story, which of your characters may have been cursed by the forces of oppression or by a malevalent individual? Why does the person curse your character? What are the results of the curse? How can your character lift the curse?


  1. I heard about this on Facebook. In fact, I came close to joining the group "We think Pat Robertson should STFU". I would think that the person spreading hate for profit is the one that has "made a pact with the devil", not the poor people of Haiti.

    But fighting hate with hate is no good either so I didn't join. So how do you fight evil without getting your own hands dirty? Or is that the good fight? I don't have a character in mind…except my own good character, so I will ignore the hate and keep trying to do a little good with the broken tools I've been given to work with.

  2. MK–

    You might love Larry Moore's post yesterday on Pat Effin' Roberts vs. Creative People.

    Get to his link via the Slippers Blog Log: His is Migrant Art Worker, and the post is "Tolerance of Ambiguity."

    He's an artist (painter) in Lynn's studio.


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