Lion Rock

When Ana takes a walk through a remote park in California, she is looking for something she can’t put a name to. What she finds will challenge her to look within for answers. Words: 6500 Unpublished

Stories Written

Novels Completed: Four Novels in Progress: Four Novels on the Back Burner: A dozen, maybe? Other projects include two novellas, a half dozen short stories, poetry, and two comic book scripts.

St. Nichole and the Elf

Nichole is overworked, underpaid, and severely dispirited on Christmas Eve, but she’s determined to make the most of it by attending a holiday party dressed to thrill. Her plans go awry when a man knocks at her door, claiming that she’s the latest incarnation of the Giving Spirit. She’s pretty …


Breathless is the post-apocalyptic tale of a woman, a mechanical egg, and how the fear of losing hope can prevent a person taking necessary risks. “She sometimes imagined that she could hear the corpuscles knock on the valves, polite as old nuns, before sweeping in with their sacred bath of …