HA Proxy 1.4 : From the Ground Up

HAProxy, written in C by Willy Tarreau, is open source software for TCP and HTTP load balancing. It’s known for stability, efficiency and speed; chances are that this reputation is why you are installing it.

Load balancing, though, is a term that covers a broad range of functions, from basic TCP tunneling at Layer 4 to reverse proxy at Layer 7, and you may find more functionality in HAProxy than you expected—or, more than you bargained for.

Discipline for Spring Writing

A guest post written for Women’s Memoirs, companion to An Editor’s Perspective: Prompts for Winter on Story Circle Network. Photos are mine. Discipline for Spring Writing DISCIPLINE FOR SPRING WRITING Mary K. Swanson Ripening mulberries It’s spring in your mind, and you don’t have enough time to record, much less …

Dreamwork Flyer

I created this flyer to orient new members to dream groups. It provides an outline of the group’s purpose, an orientation to group expectations, a list of resources, and the meeting structure in a newsletter format. Dreamwork2010