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Virtuozzo v. VMWare

Date: May 15, 2009Writer: Mary K Swanson
Client: Infinity Virtual
Title: Flexibility, Security and Control for Your Virtual Servers on VMware The difference between VMware and Virtuozzo Containers is more than just the name. Only hosting companies using VMware can offer complete flexibility, security and capacity, as well as options for high …

Discipline for Spring Writing

I wrote this as a guest post for Women’s Memoir, a companion to Prompts for Winter at StoryCircle Network. Pictures are courtesy of David Raistrick. http://womensmemoirs.com/editors-on-editing/editors-on-editing-discipline-for-spring-writing/ Ripening mulberriesIt’s spring in your mind, and you don’t have enough time to record, much less write, all the ideas that are bursting from you. …