VistaScene Admin and User Guides

Documented, wrote and designed three guides intended for print and PDF dissemination for AvrioRMS, a company providing IP-surveillance solutions for the public safety market. The company has since become a part of Hitachi Data Systems.The product was eventually called Pantascene. VistaSceneAG.r2 VistaSceneUG.r2 VistaSceneVWG.r1.full

Blue Loco: Goodbye to the Spy

A comic book treatment of a novel I wrote a few years earlier. Description: In her first mission as a Districts Agent, Senya is sent to Exile 14 to discover how Dr. Hord Rendihl, medical guru and traitor to the Districts, escaped from the prison planet. The information provided was …

Dreamwork Flyer

I created this flyer to orient new members to dream groups. It provides an outline of the group’s purpose, an orientation to group expectations, a list of resources, and the meeting structure in a newsletter format. Dreamwork2010