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Fuzzy Logic Web Copy

About Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Logic is based in Seattle, Washington, and serves clients worldwide, assisting development and operations teams in leveraging the power of the latest technologies in virtualization, server administration, communication, and deployment to deliver solid products that are efficient, faster to market, and customer-friendly.Our clients operate in diverse …

Virtual Hosting and Automation Take It to the Bank for Barclays – Case Study

The Old Days Barclays was satisfied with their website operations––waterfall-style software projects, environments provisioned one at a time, and discrete physical hardware hosting each disparate piece of the operational stack. Capitol expenses and personnel numbers grew exponentially, and provisioning took three days, but existing groups stayed with the program, preferring …

Glossary of IT Terms

The GTA Glossary defines terms used in GNAT Box System Software and documentation up to 2003. It also provides a collection of other relevant industry words, phrases and acronyms used in, or pertinent to, GNAT Box System Software and other GTA hardware and software products. For current definitions and industry …

VistaScene Admin and User Guides

I documented, wrote and designed three guides intended for print and PDF dissemination for AvrioRMS, a company providing IP-surveillance solutions for the public safety market. The company has since become a part of Hitachi Data Systems.The product was eventually called Pantascene. VistaSceneAG.r2 VistaSceneUG.r2 VistaSceneVWG.r1.full