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AWS Optimization Wins for ExecVision – Case Study

AWS Optimization Wins for ExecVision – Case Study

Getting the Job Done

Fuzzy Logic was brought in with the mandate to reduce ExecVision’s bill for AWS services and reduce website outages. Evaluating the existing environment, principal Lee Whalen learned that three primary issues were contributing to both outages and high costs:

  • Long provisioning times
  • Lack of operational visibility
  • Underperforming cloud services
    To address these issues, Fuzzy Logic revised the provisioning environment, introduced new tools for monitoring and metrics, migrated underperforming cloud services to self-hosted solutions, and worked with the ExecVision team to standardize system configuration using familiar and readily available tools.

More Better Ansible Provisioning

the current Ansible provisioning required an average of six runs and two hours for each virtual machine.
Refactored existing Ansible-provisioned environment for greater deploy reliability, code readability, and speed. Reduced Ansible-based deploy times from approx 6 runs and 2 hours per VM, to 2 runs and 20 minutes per.

The Case of the Missing Website

Introduced Sensu for monitoring, Collectd/Graphite/Grafana for metrics collection and display. Recurring outages stemming from lack of operational visibility were able to be predicted and proactively addressed or eliminated.

Bringing Service Costs Back to Earth

Further reduced excess OpEx spend by migrating expensive under-performing ‘cloud’ services (GitHub, TravisCI, etc) to site-optimized self-hosted solutions (GitLab, GitLab-CI, etc).

AWS Optimized

by 35% with accurate usage data from above projects, and judicious application of AWS/cloud engineering good practices.
Key player in standardizing system configuration through automating the packaging of software/utilities and distribution via standard OS tools and a local package repository.

“Lee brings stability and professional sysadmin expertise to the table. His manner is always calm and methodical, and you can count on him to get the job done efficiently.
Highly recommended!”
Name?, ExecVision CTO

Fuzzy Logic

Based in Seattle, Washington, Fuzzy Logic serves clients worldwide, assisting development and operations teams in leveraging the power of the latest technologies in virtualization, server administration, communication, and deployment to deliver solid products that are efficient, faster to market, and customer-friendly.
Fuzzy Logic’s clients operate in diverse fields such as digital media, data analytics, healthcare, social networking, and banking.


ExecVision is changing the way executives understand their business. ExecVision’s Conversation Intelligence™ platform is the next frontier of data gathering, transforming call recordings into data, and then turning that into actionable intelligence to improve sales conversation quality.

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