words and images by mk swanson
E911 Skater Guy Flash

E911 Skater Guy Flash

Skater Guy

I co-wrote and produced this flash movie with Darren Barr for Bright House Networks Digital Phone to show potential customers that Digital Phone worked the same as a normal landline, providing enhanced 911 service in an emergency. At the time, neither VoIP phones or cell phones usually offered 911 service.

The movie shows Skater Guy jumping a ramp in front of his house, falling, and the ambulance arriving to pick him up. He then returns wearing a cast.

After I left the company, they produced similar television ads with the same storyline and aesthetic.

A number of artists worked on the movie.

My design and revision contributions included cast and cocked eyebrow.

Skater Guy Flash movie designed to be run on a PC

Skater Guy Flash revision document

Skater Guy Final Scene