words and images by mk swanson
Digital Phone Room Flash

Digital Phone Room Flash

I wrote, storyboarded and produced this flash movie for Bright House Networks, working with Flash designer Fergus O’Daly and another ‘photogenic young artist’ whose name has escaped into the vast pool of experience.

In the main image, there are many easter eggs you can activate by clicking, including making the fish jump and the cat meow.

The movie was designed to showcase Digital Phone, BHN’s VoIP phone offering, emphasizing that it was easy to use and similar in many ways to a standard landline. The movie also served as a visual instruction manual for connecting the phone to power and cable through the modem.

The audio was recorded by a fabulous-voiced man who worked in marketing. Why can’t I remember names?

After I left the company, they produced television ads with the same storyline and aesthetic.

Click to view DP Flash

Zip of Digital Phone Flash for PC

Screen shots of the Bright Room

A few Original Storyboard Sketches for the Bright Room