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Learning to Pitch

Learning to Pitch

I am at my Mom and Dad’s house for Halloween this weekend. I brought the page of summaries I wrote for FWA just in case I found the occasion to show it to my family. Late in the evening, sitting with my sister Sarah and my niece Kristin, both big readers, I got the chance to Vanna it around. I found myself telling them about all the stories, discussing genres, but most of all telling them about the main plot points and what made each story special.

In other words, I pitched them. Wow! This is a miracle. I never talk about my stories. I would say it was the summaries that gave me the basis for my pitch, but I also told them about Clockminders, a story I didn’t (and haven’t) written a summary for.

They sounded pretty good.

What I may have learned is that I need to tell more people about my stories, or at least tell my favorite people more about my stories. It works. It felt really good.


  1. Yes, It's hard to tell people about your creations. You want them to speak for themselves but if that is ever to happen, you have to pitch! And who better to practice on than your favorite people.

    Great job!

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