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Hot Houndette: More Pages

Hot Houndette: More Pages

Hot Houndette is four times longer! OK, that means I have most of four pages, about 25 panels of Basset Hounds. Right now, we’ve got washed up TV stars and a little bathroom humor.

This is so much fun! I have the whole thing in my head, and it keeps coming into focus more sharply whenever I give it a chance.

I just heard sad news. Duke, the 100 pound Basset on whom this story is based and to whose story it is dedicated, has gone to the bridge. His friend Tucker, though, is on his way home to Florida with some incredible volunteers. Suncoast’s Facebook page.

RIP, Duke.


  1. So funny.

    That Mai Daisi is gorgeous in my mind. Why doesn't she understand that Duke is the man . . . er . . . dog for her?

    And here's a moment of silence for the lovely model of this fictive Duke. Jake and Bert and I wave goodbye . .

    Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

    Now I'm off to Sanford Airport to pick up Diana and Michael to drive them to McCoy Airport where, for some unfathomable reason, Diana's car awaits them.

    Have a great 4th.

  2. Mai Daisi is quite the sexy Asian Basset, it's true. I can't wait to get my protagonists into a high-speed I4 car chase, with a overzealous puppy purveyor, a race car hauler and the finest Basset driver in the southeastern US!

    I feel so sad that my inspiration has died, but I am so glad that he was in loving hands when it happened.

  3. Hey, MK–

    Wander over to Terri-Lynn's blog from mine. You'll LOVE today's post! (Okay. Well, I loved today's post!)

    Did I ever tell you there's a huge, gorgeous Bassett Boy across the street from me? I hardly ever see him–but he's a super star, for sure and certain.

    Sweet dreams. Late night Slippering . . .

    (Word veri is "pooliz." Do you think the blue lights are swirling atop the Maitland Pooliz cars on their way to arrest me for using the word "like" too many times on Slippers tonight?)

  4. I de-posted the PDF here because the story is almost finished! Seemed a bit much to share with the world at large, though I look forward to showing it to my writing buddies!

  5. Hey MK! Can't wait to hear about this one.

    BTW, I need some help setting up my blog space. I was all ready to go but they changed all the templates and I was overwhelmed, unsure and generally spooked.

  6. MK–

    LOVED the sketches. Thanks so much for bringing them in tonight. It's good, good, good for us to see other forms of writing besides the (non-graphic) novel.

    BTW, that crazy writer, Audrey Niffenegger (of HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY fame), also wrote two "illustrated novels."


    Sweet Basset-y dreams,

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