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Hot Houndette Gets an Illustrator

Hot Houndette Gets an Illustrator

Duke Barkin: Art by Joseph Rawlins

I am now working with an amazing illustrator named Joseph Rawlins. He has been drawing the first pages of Hot Houndette, and I think the interpretation is outstanding. Now I just need to figure out how to get it printed, digitally published and posted.

It’s remarkable how things sometimes just come together.


  1. This is so very, very, very (to the nth degree) cool, MK. Congratulations, not on just getting an illustrator. Not on just making a comic book. But on continuing to find new ways to create in the art form that you love best.

    You are absolutely an inspiration.


  2. Thank you, Anna and Jamie! I really appreciate (and crave!) your encouragement. (Isn't the root if that word "heart" and isn't that just perfect?)

    Something funny I've been noticing–people tend to want me to be either one thing or another. They don't want me to be a tech writer, novelist, short story writer, comic script writer, graphic designer and photographer. Why do you think it is? Have you guys found this to be true, as well?

  3. Hey, MK–

    Such a good question you pose. For me, it's always been more of an expectation I place on myself. "What AM I?" I ask myself: Writer? Teacher? Psychic? Designer/artist?

    These are my current categories. I always feel like I need more TIME to be a writer. Even the blog is feeling like too much right now. Teaching is lots of fun and very interesting–very creative. But is it enough? When I'm all done, will that have been enough if I don't do some sort of art? I don't think so. So how do I fit in the art when the teaching/business seems to take all my creative energy?

    Wait. What was the question . . . ?

  4. Here's an idea to play with: how about a writing prompt podcast? That could lead to a coffee table book filled with writing and art and music (and scents and textures)?

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