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Dreams of the Economy

Dreams of the Economy

I had a series of dreams a few nights ago in which my subconscious apparently decided to address the economic situation. In one, I had a new career in which I was teaching people to practice yoga in bed–sort of a cross between yoga instructor and massage therapist. In the other, I walked into a store in my old home town that was closing and selling the furnishings.
When I asked my friend, NM, about economy dreams, she told me that she had a dream in which she saw a series of ghost towns, empty of inhabitants.
The network engineer says that he had a dream in which he parked his truck with trailer attached at work, which in the dream was a “secure” place, and when he returned, all the sheet metal had been removed from the truck, leaving the intact trailer attached to a bare pickup cab.

How about you? Are you dreaming about the economy?