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Celestial Anna

Celestial Anna

As you tell a story of second blooming
a spark of gold flickers and hovers
over your hip

Soon, in the path of your laughter
swirls a convention of fireflies

Then, as you gather your scarf
a blaze of tiny stars stream out
and in your wake
sweeps a comet’s tail.

I saw your aura tonight, Anna, and couldn’t resist a poem! Hope you don’t mind.


  1. I never knew the breadth of your amazing writing skills stretched into the poetic arena. This is amazing !
    What do I have to do get a Susan poem ? I have an aura , I know I do. It's somewhere around here !

    Seriously, Mary Kay, with flickers , swirls, and streams, the passage floats and I am politely asking for more.


  2. Susan, that was such a warm feeling, to read your comment! Far before I wrote stories, I was a poet, but I write less and less of it, probably because I find the world to be beyond my pale description. Thanks so much for the encoragement!

  3. Wow! Mind?? That was beautiful and very special. I'm touched. I'm going to print it out and read it whenever I feel blue and auraless. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift of words. I have the most talented, warm, funny, smart, creative and…powerful godesses for friends! I'm so lucky to know you, MK. You, too are an inspiration!

  4. Y'all–

    I still remember the first poem of MK's I heard in that little Knowledge Shop workshop.

    Were you in the same group with MK, Susan? I don't think so!

    Anyway, it was an amazing, crazy-subtle haiku that included a corner turned and milk, if I remember correctly.

    Do you still have that, MK? If so, would you post it here in comments for me to re-relish?

    jme/senacio (which is not quite Sensai!)

  5. Proper enough for me, Buddy.

    This is as subtle and stunning as I remember it. It should have its own blog. Or a frame. Maybe a place in the Constitution.

    Anyway, I love it, and thank you so much for putting it here where I can return to it whenever I want.

    It's the spaces in it–the ones I have to leap–that make it such an especial pleasure.

    We are being very bloggy just lately, I notice. New Slippers is up.


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