Yes, there is only one channel here at the Middle, and it’s called nanowrimo. I have come to feel that this is both one of the silliest and the most educational things I have ever done as a writer.I have learned that I can write 3 to 4 thousand words …


This is the view from my current favorite writing spot in the yard. My mother-in-law’s art pieces, “Windows on the Wetlands” are in view, as are a new hibiscus, an old cedar stump my dad gave me, and an eight year old staghorn fern.


And we’re off to the races! Or, as my nephew John said this morning, “literary trainwreck has begun–choochoo”


I am planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this month. That’s National Novel Writing Month, for those pitiful creatures like myself who had no effing idea what it was until I saw it advertised in an email from somebody… maybe STC?50,000 words in 30 days. One novel, never previously written. Mine …

Reservoir or Wellspring?

I realize that lately I have been treating my creativity as if it is a reservoir from which I can only draw so much before it is used up. Maybe even that isn’t right–maybe I’m acting as if it is more like a canteen in the desert: when I’ve drunk …