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Writing Dreamer Site

Creating a new website and portfolio ought to be easy for me. I work in WordPress and Joomla… I write web copy… I am a writer and a graphic designer, AND an enthusiastic photographer and bad artist. How hard can it be? Silly dreamer!

Shamanism and the Job Jar

Since my last post, I have been struggling with the usual pests–fear of poverty and procrastination–but also with a sense of mortality, my own and that of my parents. …. so funny. I started this post, maybe, two years ago, and I am still stuck in the same drama. Want …

Getting My Writing in Focus

Focus is Crucial  I have been a writer of poetry, stories, and novels for more than 35 years. I have read, at best estimate, 7500 books, and so I know about the turning point, the climax, the denouement, and the plot arc. But I couldn’t connect them with my own …