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Writing Dreamer

Writing Dreamer Site

Creating a new website and portfolio ought to be easy for me. I work in WordPress and Joomla… I write web copy… I am a writer and a graphic designer, AND an enthusiastic photographer and bad artist. How hard can it be? Silly dreamer!

Better World

I thought that my struggle was to believe in myself, to know myself. Depression told me I wasn’t good enough, that I was a worthless, unusable cog fouling up the gearing in an unwieldy machine. Therapy told me I was a normal person with a damaged brain, that if I …

My Shadow, Your Shadow

Humans have a responsibility to care for each other, and for every other being on Earth. I am afraid that other people don’t believe that is true; I fear that they believe that there isn’t enough, and will prioritize themselves and their own people at others’ expense. Fear, however, hasn’t …

Mama Nature Gets Distracted

If we humans don’t stop jumping around, screaming, hitting each other, and opening the doors while the Earth Wagon is in motion, Mother Nature is going to have to slap us into next week.

Writing for My Life

What if I am in this life to write a certain number of stories, and I won’t be allowed to advance to the next level of the game until I have done it? If I die before, I just have to do it again, until I get it right? Like …