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Ball of Fun

Ball of Fun

I found this posted on the blog of a non-native English speaker, so I am not making fun of him/her. I am rolling because h/she is getting many offers to become a tech writer! 

Here’s a sample:
I started getting lots of job offer from big companies for Technical Writer position. Even for senior position, I am getting job offer. I do not know why it all started. Anyway, I wish to listen from you – Who is suitable for this job? Is it better than programming!  
One of the offers posted read this way:
We are having urgent opening for Technical writers in our Office. If you are interested in grabbing this opportunity, revert back with your updated CV.
A commenter said:
Tech writer job is not fun after initial money & excitement. 
Reminds me of when I used to joke that I got my master’s degree in journalism after a bachelor’s in English because I was looking for fortune and fame.