Artificially Arid

The engineer spent all day yesterday working on the broken water system. Something called an air bladder expired Thursday night, requiring the replacement of the whole tank, because we couldn’t find just the part, and all of the plumbing pipes and fittings. As long as he was there, the engineer decided to out in a new filtration system, consisting of a sediment filter and a more elaborate filter, as well as take away all the extraneous bits we haven’t been using these last few years (after they broke down, one at a time). Why is plumbing so darned complicated? Fluid dynamics, gravity, chemical cohesion (or lack thereof); it’s a mess.
We got up this morning to test the system, and while it is functional for a while, the plumber says it all has to be done over again because some of the parts are faulty. Argh!!!
Thank goodness for the pond (from whence we carted our flush water) and previously mentioned engineer-cum-plumber. How do those without these benefits cope?