Yes, there is only one channel here at the Middle, and it’s called nanowrimo. I have come to feel that this is both one of the silliest and the most educational things I have ever done as a writer.
I have learned that I can write 3 to 4 thousand words a day, easy, when motivated. I have learned that the middle of the book is about 10 thousand pages long, and is awful, and I can only write about a 500 or a thousand words a day there. I know that the next 25,000 words will bring more lessons, and I’m really wondering how much of a pain in the ass they will be.
Silly business? My neck hurts from cramping over a keyboard. I’m starting a new contract job in the middle of this project, and that seems the extreme edge of silly. Also, other wrimos seem to be another country from me. They are weirdly social, and they self-publish a lot. Maybe I will look like a hack by doing this? Oh, well. So be it. The lessons showing me that I could very well be a full-time novelist are worth it. Another silly thing? I am dreaming in cheesy novel plots. Even cheesier than the ones I’m actually writing!