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2001, A Noveling Oddity

2001, A Noveling Oddity

Mysterious Symbol, (c) me

My novel has been taking two steps forward and two steps back all week, but in the past four hours, I wrote 2,000+ words! New words! Fresh, unedited, un-dithered with words!

I’ve decided I like writing new stuff way better than editing. Why am I surprised? However, it occurs to me that I like editing when the writing isn’t my own. Wouldn’t it be great to have a twin writer to trade books with so that you never have to edit your own work?

When is that cloning project going to start working on writers?


  1. And here, you've hit on the exact joy of my writing coaching/editing life! I don't have to write!!!!!

    But thank G-d, someone does . . .

    Thanks for bearing the burden to such good effect. And, just in case you'd forgotten, I'd LOVE to edit NiP.

    Yay for the new 2000!!


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