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101 Pages of Pure …

101 Pages of Pure …

ScriptFrenzy ends in a half hour. I have 101 pages of a graphic novel entitled: Blue Loco: Goodbye to the Spy, which is about one half of the plot points contained in my novel, Blue Loco.

This “treatment” of my novel has shorter, simpler dialog, fewer characters, more blatant sexual references, very little narration and not a single scrap of literary merit.

In other words, I had a ball! I did not think that the ScriptFrenzy experience was as good as the NaNoWriMo month, but it was good. And I may have the nuts to go back and revise the real novel.


  1. Hey Mary Kay,

    I am glad you picked up Blue Loco again, turned it sideways and looked at it with the light hitting it from a different direction. It's like that cool toy that gets a little forgotten, and when you find it again, you go, Wow! there's more stuff I can do with it !

    I am very interested in getting a chance to read the script.


  2. I have to say, reading the comic book script is sure a lot quicker than the book! About 20,000 words. The strange part is, that though the plot is similar, I actually wrote mostly new dialog, and of course the scene is now directions to a non-existent artist.

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