Writing Dreamer

Writing Dreamer

words and images by mk swanson
My characters get into a lot of trouble using and misusing science, spirit, magic and acceleration, but they rarely endure more than a temporary despair. If the tale is dark, it's probably not THE END.  
My first poem was a rhyming one / but since meeting mr cummings / I learned to free my uni-verse / and rarely wrote another.

Poetical Tarot

I’ve been reading Tarot cards for a long time. We’ll leave it at that–a long time. I’ve wanted to create my own deck for a few years (doesn’t everyone want to), but I never found the right way until I realized that I could write poetry honoring each of the …


Doubt is a strainer through which we pour experience. What’s believable, credible, runs through the mesh; what’s not, stays in the basket to be examined and either discarded as ‘true’ or kept in our experience as an exception. Of course, sometimes an incredible experience, instead of being kept as an exception, makes …

The Ice Queen Cometh

What was it like to be a sexy girl in the olden days, Auntie Dreamer? Let me tell you, Sweet Pea, it weren’t no bed of roses! A young woman contacted me through LinkedIn, and when I followed her internet trail to answer the question, ‘Why did she contact ME?’ I discovered that …

Cutting Away the Past

I gave myself my first major haircut after a bad breakup in college. My hair was two feet long, bright-young-thing blonde and shiny like cooking taffy. After that breakup (that man, that boy, that pain), I wanted to demonstrate that I was a a new person, a woman who had survived. As …

Lame or Awake

Despair lames most people, but it wakes others fully up. —William James William James’ philosophy has been my companion for the past month. I have used it to help me get a new perspective on my lifelong battle against depression. I think James might be helping in a way that therapy …

Writing Dreamer Site

Creating a new website and portfolio ought to be easy for me. I work in WordPress and Joomla… I write web copy… I am a writer and a graphic designer, AND an enthusiastic photographer and bad artist. How hard can it be? Silly dreamer!

MK Swanson

Since I was old enough to form words, I’ve been telling stories to heal myself.
I believe that story is sacred; that life is story; and that story never ends.

Some stories I haven’t written yet:

Chasing a UFO Down Old 17

Girl Dies When Driver Plays Chicken

Don’t Let the Blonde Hair Fool You, I’m Part Indian

Leatherleaf Fern Grower Dies of DDT-induced Cancer

A Moccasin, a Pistol, and a Flashlight

The Booted Ghost of Lisnaroe

I write novels, short stories and poetry. I document systems and design graphics.
You can check out my LinkedIn profile and my Scribd site. I also post poetry on Tumblr at Three Lines, 17 Syllables and Poetical Tarot.